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Potential Alien Isolation sequel teased in short video

Published: 07:10, 07 January 2019
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Alien Isolation

Official Alien Twitter account shared a short teaser in which they drop a sneak peek at Alien Isolation's protagonist Amanda Ripley. The video ends with a message "Who is Amanda Ripley?" and Read, Play, Watch subtitle just below the name.

With all the talk about Alien Blackout as the next video game instalment in the iconic franchise, official Alien Twitter profile shared a mysterious teaser video which started the speculation about the potential Alien Isolation sequel announcement. 

The video focuses on Ellen Ripley's daughter and the protagonist of Alien Isolation - Amanda Ripley. It features a close-up shot of Amanda's torso, her name tag and key necklace, or that's what Alien Twitter wants us to believe since the video didn't show face or something that would confirm it's actually Amanda wearing her space suit.

The close-up shot is followed by the question "Who is Amanda Ripley?" before a message "Amanda Ripley" shows up with "Read. Play. Watch" subtitle. The trailer ends with "Coming Soon" tease and the video is described with "Daughter. Rebel. Hero. Her story deserves to be told" written in the video description.

Of course, this was more than enough for the fans of beloved survival horror who started discussing that potential sequel could be just around the corner. Some fans on Reddit pointed out that "Read" part is for the upcoming Alien Isolation novel, which is set to release this month. "Play", of course, suggests that a new Alien game is in the works. Whether that's the upcoming Alien Blackout or new Alien Isolation game remains to be seen.

SEGA picture showing female character Amanda Ripley

Finally, "Watch" message could suggest that the rumours about Alien TV Series are actually true. Back in July 2018, Omega Underground News reported that a TV series set in the Alien universe is being considered. Since then nothing has been confirmed but it's possible that the production is finally picking up the pace and we're nearing the official announcement.

All things considered, Alien fans have a lot of reasons to be excited as the triple announcement could be just weeks or even days away.

You can check out the teaser video on Alien's official profile.

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