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Ahri will be getting a mini rework in League of Legends season 12

Published: 06:58, 18 December 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends  champions Ahri and Riven splash arts
Spirit Blossom: Ahri and Riven already have their skins, now it's time for another mage and sword-user combo

Riot has recently taken up a new trend, which seems promising for the game's future. This trend are the mini reworks they give to older champions, so they can remain competitive in the meta, and Ahri is next on the list.

The next two projects that RIot are working on are Janna and Ahri early in the year, two previously popular champions who have fallen out of favor lately. These will be smaller in scope than the Tahm Kench rework, but still substantial, similar to Lucian's recent update.

The Janna rework has been focused on giving Janna more of that peel that ADCs need more and more these days, due to the prevalence of both mage burst damage, as well as the supremacy assassins, currently, have on the Rift, with their goredrinker builds.

So, we can expect some similar changes to Ahri's kit as well. Ahri has not been in a good place recently, as a midlane burst mage, due to her kit being short-ranged, in a meta of champions that do what she does, only better.

Riot Games League of Legends champions Ahri and Kayle splashart It won't be a Kayle level of rework though

Merely buffing Ahri, as well, is not an option. Instead, what is needed, is a small update to some of her abilities. Perhaps adjusting her ultimate to work similar to Kassadins, as she is useless without it,  and in most cases, it is used for one dash, with the remaining two being redundant.

While the path Ahri's rework is going to take remains unknown for now, it's good to see Riot continue the trend of adjusting older champions to better fit the game.

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