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Academics come up with gaming disorder psychological test

Published: 10:56, 03 June 2019
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In the wake of the World Health Organization's (WHO) decision to recognise gaming disorder as an illness, academics from the UK, China and Australia produced the first psychological test that will determine whether you're addicted or not.

The test and its website are aptly called Do I Play Too Much Videogames and it's pretty self-explanatory.

"The purpose of this survey is to examine your gaming behaviour alongside your psychological wellbeing. Your participation is voluntary and greatly appreciated", the description reads. 

It is completely anonymous and confidential, so you won't be asked for personal information, and the test can take up to 20 minutes.

Once you've completed it, you will know whether you qualify for the gaming disorder according to the WHO's guidelines. 

"Upon completion of the survey you will receive a computer-generated normative feedback based on the answers you have provided in relation to all other participants of the study recruited to date [...] We explicitly mention that the provided feedback on our website represents a rough estimate and should not be seen as a final clinical diagnosis", the description says.

What the researchers are hoping for is for the test to result in the largest study of gaming disorder up to date, bearing in mind all the remaining factors that may contribute to developing such disorders.

The results will later be published on the website, with full anonymity of course, as well as on the ESL website once the study is complete.

If you wish to check the status of your addiction, you can do so , and you can even save your results for comparison purposes, which should come in handy when the database is a bit more substantial.

On the other side of the academic fence, gaming disorder has come under serious fire, and it resulted in called 'A Weak Scientific Basis for Gaming Disorder: Let us err on the side of caution’. 

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Many industry representatives have also criticised the inclusion of gaming disorder, as it could have serious economic repercussions for the entire market.

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