Battlefield 3 is Battlefield 2042's best feature

Published: 14:45, 18 November 2021
Battlefield screenshot showing Caspian Border
Battlefield - Caspian Border

I had more fun in one Battlefield 3 match in Portal than in dozen hours with Battlefield 2042 vanilla maps.

Battlefield 2042 is in a rough state at the moment. No matter how many times I tried to give it a chance to win me over, it made me hate it even more. And I wanted to love, I wanted to love it so bad.

In its current state, Battlefield 2042 is far from an enjoyable experience. I would say, it's in a beta phase. And it's not even the technical issues like bugs and crashes that annoy me that much, it's the gameplay and game design that lacks substance and leave a lot to be desired.

If it wasn't for Battlefield Portal, where you can play the iconic maps, which are much more balanced and offer plenty of covers, unlike the terrible, and unnecessary large vanilla maps, Battlefield 2042 would be my most disappointing game of the year. Portal saves it from getting that award, at least for now. 

EA Battlefield 2042 open beta should feature at least two maps Battlefield 2042 lack substance

After spending over dozen hours with Battlefield 2042's Conquest and Rush-like Breakthrough modes on all maps, I can firmly say that not a single map in Battlefield 2042 feels or plays well. There's no combat flow on either one of these and that's primarily due to a large player number so everyone ends up attacking one point which results in absolute chaos, but not in a good way. 

And the vehicles, oh the vehicles, they are on the verge of being totally game-breaking due to their power. Everyone is sliding around in Hovercrafts, the enemy team will airstrike your base as soon as the match begins and the options you have to counter vehicles are laughable. There is no balance in Battlefield 2042, at all. 

EA Battlefield 2042 Portal in action Battlefield 2042 Portal in action

After getting frustrated with this chaos, I decided to try Battlefield 3's Caspian Border and Noshahr Canals maps via Battlefield Portal, and voila, the combat flow is back, the vehicles are properly balanced and I suddenly find gunfights more enjoyable, even when I'm not doing too well. It just works. 

I am hopeful that EA and DICE can fix some parts of Battlefield 2042 but at the same time, I think that players will prefer Portal, no matter what the devs do, because the core design of Battlefield 2042 seems wrong. 

Battlefield 2042

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Battlefield 2042

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