Opinion: Bluebox, our patience has Abandoned us

Published: 07:33, 11 August 2021
Updated: 07:37, 11 August 2021
Abandoned trailer app was already delayed a couple of times
Abandoned trailer app was already delayed a couple of times

At this point, we don't really care whether Abandoned is a smaller indie horror title or a blockbuster AAA from Hideo Kojima. We just want to see that trailer.

When thinking about the whole Abanddoned situation, two things come to my mind - If this is Abandoned, a small indie horror game from a small indie dev studio, boy oh boy, the backlash will be colossal. 

All those Twitter users who show up in the replies with Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill photos will bombard Bluebox Games Twitter with insults and whatnot if Abandoned is not what they want it to be.

The second thing - What kind of reaction we'll get if Abandoned is actually a Silent Hill game from Kojima? Is this a monumental win for the man himself and Sony? I guess it would be for some, but my hype for a potential Silent Hill game has started to slow down thanks to the trailer app baloney and Bluebox's constant and intentional teases that obviously have at least some connection to previous Kojima games and Silent Hill.

Bluebox Game Studios, it's time to stop. Seriously, it's becoming exhausting. Even if all of this is part of some genius marketing plan, it's coming to a point where people just don't care anymore.

I know that I don't. It was fun at first, intriguing, and I was excited to see what exactly is Abandoned. But after the last night's nonsense with the "rEaLtImE eXpErIeNce", I think it's time to cut it out, and just tell us, or even better, show us what this is all about.

After two failed attempts to show us the trailer for the game, it's only fair that we, players, start asking questions. How, for crying out loud, does one spends weeks hyping up a trailer and then keeps hyping it up on the day of release, only to completely fail to release it? And fail to do it twice!

I'm sure that by now, everyone realises that there are no "technical issues" with the trailer app and that the delays are intentional - a part of the marketing for the game. 

So dear Bluebox Game Studios, you've had your fun messing with us so just give it a rest, will you? Just show us the game, regardless of what it actually is.

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