LEC Week 8, day 1 review: Schalke upset Misfits, G2 still on top

Published: 10:47, 21 March 2020
Updated: 11:03, 21 March 2020
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The LEC is back!

After a one-week break due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, European League of Legends is back. The first day of week 8 featured some interesting games but also some technical difficulties as the games were played online this time around.

Just like every week, a total number of five games were played this time around as well. There were some complications during the broadcast with certain pauses being longer than intended but in the end, everyone was happy that the league is back.

MAD Lions vs SK Gaming

In the first game of the day, MAD Lions took down SK Gaming in a pretty convincing fashion. MAD took the initiative from minute one and a display of cool, calm, and collected League of Legends play put them in a 5K gold lead by the 20-minute mark.

Since the second set of the Senna nerfs hasn't hit the competitive scene yet, Crazzy found himself on fasting duty this game. A crucial team fight in the 35th minute sealed the deal for MAD as they marched their way to the Nexus with Baron-empowered minions.

Misfits vs Schalke 04

Even though Misfits were the favourites in this game, Schalke 04 took this one home and we have to admit - it wasn't even that close. The teams drafted a somewhat standard team composition with both teams getting late-game scalers as well as heavy gankers in the jungle.

Riot Games League of Legends Misfits player Febiven Misfits lacked firepower as Febiven got very early put behind

Febiven on the Ornn had major struggles against Azir in the mid lane, which is something we've rarely seen this season from the Misfits veteran. With their main men getting put behind, they couldn't really find the right team fights during the mid-game with Schalke taking neutral objectives one after the other.

Excel vs Fnatic

XL went into the game with their spot in playoffs still being up in the air whereas Fnatic are keeping the grind, hoping that G2 slip for a game or two. Since XL banned both Senna and Aphelios, we finally got to see a bot lane match-up without at least one of them in a team.

From the start of the game, Hylissang's Thresh made his presence felt as his proactiveness pushed Fnatic into an early-game lead. Those advantages slowly transferred into the mid-game, and Fnatic stacked drake after drake. Even though XL fought back on some occasions, especially Patrik on the Draven, in the end it wasn't enough as the gold lead was simply too big.

G2 vs Rogue

Due to technical difficulties, this game was moved up in the schedule, in case anyone was wondering. Both teams went for a standard draft and by standard we mean Taliyah in the bottom lane for Caps. The LEC teams couldn't seem to find a solution for Jankos' Pantheon as he was all over the map in the early game.

Riot Games League of Legends G2 pro players Can anyone stop G2?

Consecutive dives snowballed the game out of control and G2 simply rolled over Rogue in this one. Perkz had an incredible performance on Corki, averaging a staggering 11.2 CS/min and ending the game with a 6/0/9 score.

Origen vs Vitality

Both teams drafted a dive-heavy composition but not many dives were executed and the game was almost dead even in terms of gold at the 25-minute mark. It should be noted that OG went into the game as absolute favourites as they are the potential title contenders while Vitality are, unfortunately, in the last place.

After taking Baron, OG opted for a classic 1-3-1 split push team play and slowly but surely the outer turrets and inhibitors fell down one by one. Vitality couldn't repel the pressure and after a very decent performance, they finally lost in the 35th minute of the game.

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