What are Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark and how to use them

Published: 02:04, 01 February 2022
Lost Ark's new Sorceress class
Sorceress is especially fun to use in Chaos Dungeons

Lost Ark is a classic Asian MMORPG. The type that cannot live without daily quests. It just so happens to be that the Chaos Dungeons are a daily quest that is fun as it is rewarding.

The Chaos Dungeons are instanced mobbing dungeons, that can take up to 4 players. These dungeons spawn hundreds of enemies but are not as dangerous as they sound. With the proper use of kiting, AoE abilities, and consumables, finishing one is easy. The fun part is the feeling of unstoppable power you get from mowing down everything in your path.

The Chaos Dungeons are progress-based dungeons. By killing enemies that spawn inside, you fill up a bar that, upon being filled 100%, immediately ends the dungeon instance.

A small tip for a wider picture of gear-grinding. As you can use over-time consumables in these types of dungeons, we recommend you to save the instant percentage-restoring potions for Guardian Dungeons, which are best taken on after you've accumulated some experience with Chaos Dungeons under your belt.

Amazon Game Studios Lost Ark - Chaos Dungeon entrance Lost Ark - Chaos Dungeon entrance

You enter the Chaos Dungeon at the statue in the center of the Military District. On your map, the statue is marked as Chaos Dungeon, so there should be no confusion.

Chaos Dungeons are tasks that reset daily and can be completed twice a day. Unlike most other games, there is a "rest" mechanic in Lost Ark, so that you do not lose out too much if you do not complete them every day, by doubling your loot on your next Chaos Dungeon. Of course, completing both dungeons each day is still the most efficient way.

By infinitely farming the Chaos Dungeons, and utilizing the dropped Crystal correctly, you can get an engraving book for free.

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