Wasteland 3: PDW-01 location and tips

Published: 01:06, 08 September 2020
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Wasteland 3 - PDW-01
Wasteland 3 - PDW-01

Many Automatic Weapon enthusiasts will be looking for the best SMG in Wasteland 3 and that one happens to be PDW-01. Here is how to get it and why it's the best.

PDW-01 is one of the endgame weapons in Wasteland 3 so it's located in the southern parts of the map, meaning you will need level 3 radiation resistance on your Kodiak. This can be achieved by purchasing the Dominator Chassis in the garage at Ranger HQ after dealing with Patriarch's sons or by grabbing Rad Shields utility item during the quest to find Morningstar.

The location itself is called Massacre Site and can be found slightly north of Yuma County, as seen on the map image below. Despite the name, there is no combat in this location unless you provoke the honey badger that is not initially hostile. Its lair contains buried items, most of which will probably be of no interest but PDW-01 is among them.

However, there is a high Perception check but you should be able to have enough by the time you reach southern parts of the map. If you don't, then consider investing points in Awareness and Sneaky Shit.

PDW-01 is the best SMG in the game. While the raw damage potential of Ripper is somewhat higher, PDW-01 deals explosive damage so it completely bypasses any enemy armour.

On top of that, it has a 10 per cent chance to cause Damaged Armor effect, which will reduce the target's damage resistance. It also fires only six shots per burst, meaning it consumes 40 per cent less ammunition. 

inXile Entertainment Wasteland 3 - Massacre Site is not far from Yuma County Wasteland 3 - Massacre Site is not far from Yuma County

The weapon is great against both synthetic and organic enemies but if you do proc Damaged Armor, consider swapping to Ripper in order to use Unload and cause massive amounts of damage.

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