Wasteland 3 crafting explained - where to find materials and recipes

Published: 09:31, 30 May 2021
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Wasteland 3 - Crafted weapons
Wasteland 3 - Crafted weapons

Wasteland 3 received its crafting system recently, bringing a new aspect into the CRPG and here are the basics of navigating in order not to get stumped with progress.

Wasteland 3 crafting is actually pretty straightforward. You get a recipe, get materials and create new stuff from the crafting screen. It is gathering these resources that might look a little occluded at first but here is a quick rundown on both.

Recipes can be found by levelling up your skills, buying them from vendors, finding them in loot containers and creating mystery recipes. 

Levelling up the skills contains basic but vital recipes such as crafting ammo or medical equipment. When you're in the character screen, you can see what recipes the future ranks of any given skill will unlock.

Buying recipes from vendors provides a way to obtain things like better weapon and armour mods or specific grenades.

Finding recipes in containers while exploring will give you access to crafting exotic and unique gear.

Mystery recipes are not actually randomised. They appear on your crafting screen when you pick up a component for an existing recipe, at which point the mystery recipe will tell you what else you need in order to complete it.

Crafting components in Wasteland 3 will be found all over the place and you won't need to spend time on chores like mining or cutting wood. 

Scrap is the component that is used most often. You can obtain it by looting randomly and salvaging items in your inventory. Make sure you bring along a Ranger with Expert Disassembler perk to increase the amount of scrap you get. Scrap is also not eligible for Antiques Appraiser sales so make sure you don't sell accidentally.

Other components can range from junk to full weapons. For example, if you want to craft the new Wasp Gun, you will need to slap some scrap and an Incinerator together.

Keep in mind that Mystery Recipes will generally be your guide on what can be made into useful items so you don't sell components accidentally. If you do, most of the crafting components will not take a price hike if you sell them to a vendor.

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