Red Dead Online bonuses and discounts for this week Match 8-14, 2022

Published: 18:15, 08 March 2022
Takeover series is featured this week
Takeover series is featured this week

Red Dead Online week starts with a new featured series and treasure map rewards, while other March bonuses and rewards are still up for grabs.

This week's featured series is the Hardcore Takeover series which is paying triple the money and the experience, so if you're a fan of the series, get in on the action.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the Takeover series involves team-objective-oriented PvP modes.  Not only that, it will be played in hardcore mode. 

Hardcore mode removes ability cards and consumables out of the game so the player can only rely on their reflexes and movement. Level grounds should provide authentic cowboy fights between expert gunslingers who think that they are fast on the trigger.

Here are some of the most fun and most played Takeover series.

Hostile territory

Work in teams to control the territory. Capture and regain the land for points, the team with the most points after given time wins.

Up in Smoke

All players start with an explosive package and each successful delivery to the opposing team’s base will detonate a piece of their camp. Deliver all of your packages before the other team in order to win the game.

Spoils of War

Players compete in this team-based mode to defend their stockpiles and raid each other. Each team must steal loot from their opponent's base and return it to theirs while defending their own stash.


Capture the supplies from the central location and deliver them to your base while fighting the other team who are trying to do the same. The team that reaches the base with supplies wins.

Showdown game mode in Red Dead Online. Showdown game mode in Red Dead Online.

Rewards this week

Complete 5 regular, legendary, or infamous Bounties to get a Treasure Map under the West Hill Haven. 

Complete 10 Regular, Legendary, or Infamous Bounties to receive a Treasure Map near O’Creagh’s Run. 

If you still haven't taken part in any March activities, you can do so this week as well. This month's theme is Bounty Hunting and all regular bounties will be paid twice the money & XP while legendary bounties are on a triple reward for the whole month.

Just log in to the game and receive free honor reset and 150 revolver cartridges if you are a licensed bounty hunter, and a free bounty clear if you're a prestigious bounty hunter.

You can read more on the March bonuses and rewards here .

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