Make a killing as a Bounty Hunter in Red Dead Online this week

Published: 18:43, 09 March 2021
Red Dead Online - Legendary Bounties
Red Dead Online - Legendary Bounties

Red Dead Online is showing some more love to its Bounty Hunters this week. Chances for a huge score are aplenty...if you know where to look. Experience and rewards await.

Red Dead Online's Outlaw Pass No. 4 has entered its final seven days. There is a new set of rewards coming soon and the current Pass owners who play the game this week will be rewarded with a free Treasure Map as well as 5,000 XP. We hope that the additional experience will help you reach Rank 100, thus unlocking the Morement Outfit.

All Red Dead Online players will receive a Reward for a free Ability Card this week.

Bounty Hunter Bonuses

Dying ain't no way to make a living? Well, it is this week as the Bounty Hunters of the world will be treated to the following bonuses:

  • All licensed Bounty Hunters will receive 2,000 Role XP plus double Role XP for completing any Bounty.
  • Offer for 30 per cent off any Established or Distinguished Bounty Hunter Item.

Set your sights on Legendary Bonuties as tracking them down will spawn more rewards: on top of the double Role XP, head-hunters will also earn double the usual Ability Card XP for playing Legendary Bounty Missions over the next seven days.

If you happen to be a Prestigious Bounty License holder, you can reap those same benefits on all Infamous Bounties, which are deeper 3-part missions to track down wanted criminals. Head to the following Bounty Board locations and scroll to the third poster across, then hit up/down to begin tracking these Infamous Bounties:

  • Annesburg
    • Tobin Anderson’s Wreckers
  • Armadillo
    • The Butchers of Benedict Pass
  • Benedict Point
    • "Los Pasajeros"
  • Blackwater
    • Thaddeus Walter’s Men
  • Emerald Station
    • The Three Widows
  • Rhodes
    • The Bellingham Brothers
  • Riggs Station
    • Bartholomew Brown’s "Gentlemen"
  • Saint Denis
    • Hoare, Roache and Gault
  • Strawberry
    • The "Initiates"
  • Tumbleweed
    • "Addison Wye’s "Jailbreakers"
  • Valentine
    • Allen, De La Mare and Fitch
  • Van Horn
    • Bradshaw, Colt and Penn
  • Wallace Station
    • Theodore Xavier’s Hunt

Whether you bring the criminals in dead or alive is up to you - you will get the following rewards either way:

  •  25 Poison Throwing Knives 
  • 100 rounds of Express Rifle Ammo

Red Dead Online - A New Source of Employment

  • Image: 1 / 3
A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Red Dead Online - A New Source of Employment - A One Horse Deal

A New Source of Employment Telegrams

Check your inbox for a telegram from J. 

Completing Outrider by successfully escorting a delivery wagon from Brittlebrush Trawl any time before March 15 will net you an Offer for 30 per cent off the Bounty Hunter Wagon.


  • 40 per cent off the retail cost of all rifles
  • 30 per cent off all Bounty Hunter weapon variants
  • 30 per cent off - off-hand holders and reinforced lasso 
  • 30 per cent off ability cards and ability card upgrades 
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