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April bonuses in Red Dead Online

Published: 16:32, 05 April 2022
Blood money pays 2x this month
Blood money pays 2x this month

This month features triple the reward on hardcore Telegram missions, double the rewards on Call to arms, bonuses on Blood money opportunities, and more.

This month's featured missions are hardcore Telegram missions, which will pay out 3x the usual Red Dead Online money and triple the usual experience, throughout the whole month of April. 

The difference between regular Telegram missions and hardcore is that players don't have aim assistance available, and the enemies will be tougher, with more precise shooting, and invisible on the radar.

To start a Telegram mission, the player has to visit Camp Lockbox or a local Postmaster to collect the Telegrams sent from J

Missions will be available inside the document once opened from the satchel.

  April bonus roadmap:

  • April 5 - April 11
  • complete one horse deal to receive a reward of 50% off a stable slot
  • April 12 - April 18
  • complete rich pickings to receive a treasure map leading to a haul near calumet ravine
  • April 19 - April 25
  • complete outrider to receive a reward of 30% off the hunting wagon
  • April 26 - May 2
  • complete any a new source of employment telegram mission to receive a rare blue patterned bandana
  • receive additional 48 rounds of express rifle ammo for completing it any time this month

  Twice the money and XP on Blood money opportunities & Call to arms

To start Blood money opportunities, read the letter from in your satchel, and visit Guido Martelli to get started. 

Acquire enough capital and launch opportunities by speaking with Anthony Foreman, Sean Macguire, Joe, or James Langton. Finish opportunities for 2x payout for the whole month of April.

Successfully completing Call to arms this month will pay out twice the usual as well, which is the third time this series has been rewarded more than usual in the last 6 months.

Rockstar newswire Call to Arms pays 2x this month Call to Arms pays 2x this month

  Free community inspired outfits

Rockstar continues to recognize the community's favorite clothing combinations and has made all items free for the combination made by the Youtuber Dare to Game.

If you're interested in a rural cowboy look, check out the free items below:

  Other bonuses and rewards

Players who are at least rank 10 can receive a free Fishing rod and a reward for a free bow. Complete all seven daily challenges in a week to receive a rare green Patterned Bandana.

Completing any mission with a persistent posse will reward you 5 free fast travels, and the posse fee has been removed for the whole month.

Take part in any weekly featured series this month to earn 3X RDO$ and XP:

  • April 5 - April 11: Elimination Series (Hardcore)
  • April 12 - April 18: Overrun (Hardcore)
  • April 19 - April 25: Takeover Series (Hardcore)
  • April 26 - May 2: Shootout Series (Hardcore)

All Rewards can be accessed from the Benefits menu, Camp Lockbox, or at the Tailor within 72 hours

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