Red Dead Online Bonuses and Discounts for May

Published: 16:37, 03 May 2022
Blood Money Contracts are rewarding 2x $ and XP
Blood Money Contracts are rewarding 2x $ and XP

The new month starts today in Red Dead Online. Here is the overview of what you can look forward to.

This month Rockstar felt a little more generous than usual, having bonuses for the featured events up to 5x their usual money or experience, as opposed to the usual triple rewards the players have been getting for the past couple of months.

One of the not-so-popular activities is being rewarded big time this month, and that is horse racing.  

For every week this month players will receive 10 Apples, 10 Classic Oatcakes, and 10 Horse meals while purchasing any weapon modification will be rewarded with 5 special horse stimulants.

As for the more valuable rewards, there are:

  • 5X XP for steady shooting while out-racing the competition in Target Races
  • 4X RDO$ for participating in Standard Races
  • 3X Gold for cutting your own route between points A and B in Open Races

2x money and XP on selected Blood money contracts

Blood money contracts, as well as Free-roam missions, are rewarded twice their usual XP and money for the entirety of this month. 

Blood money contracts that are getting rewarded this month are The Jeb Phelps Contract. The Bluewater Contract, and the Guido Martelli attack mission

Free community outfits

Like in the previous months, there are discounts for the parts of the selected community-based outfit, this time from Redditor happychrims. Items included are:

  • Gambler's Hat
  • Black Clymene Coat or Hartman Jacket
  • White Casual Shirtwaist or Everyday Shirt
  • Bandito Pants
  • Worn Roper Boots
  • Woven Pistol Gun Belt and Woven Pistol Holster

Rockstar This week's community outfit This week's community outfit

Featured series

As for the features series that will change weekly, here is the month roadmap week by week with currently known rewards:

  • May 3 - May 9: Race Series
  • Any bounty hunter mission will reward 40% off a Bounty Hunter Novice or Promising Role Item
  • Completing A one-horse deal will reward a 50% discount for Fast travel post for your camp
  • May 10 - May 16: Open Target Races and Overrun 
  • Collectors reaching level 10 will get 40% off a Collector Novice or Promising Role Item
  • Winning 2 rounds of the featured series will have a bonus of 100$
  • May 17 - May 23: Races and Shootouts
  • Yeehaw Emote can be won by completing 10 daily challenges
  • Completing 2 trader sell missions will get you a Citadel rock treasure map
  • May 24 - May 30: Select Races 

  • Playing with the Persistent Posse will be rewarded with a Respectful bow emote
  • Destroying 3 revenue agent roadblocks can get you a select colorway of the Levens gun belt.
  • May 31 - June 6: Target Races and Capture Mode 
  • Finishing in the top 3 in any race will get you a select colorway of the Vaquero Baroque Spurs
  • Purchase any pamphlet to receive a bonus of 150$

Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. items are on discount this month:

  • Pistol - 30%
  • Emote - 30%
  • Horse food, stable slots, stirrups - 50%
  • Race and war horses - 50%
  • Reinforced lasso - 50%
  • Pants and skirts - 40%

 All rewards and offers will be delivered within 72 hours of completion. 

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