Red Dead Online bonuses and discounts this week, April 13, 2021

Published: 15:14, 13 April 2021
Red Dead Online - Free Roam Events and Missions
Red Dead Online - Free Roam Events and Missions

red Dead Online has some sweet deals this week. Players can roam the frontier free of charge while sporting some fresh looks. Free Roam Missions and Events will grant double XP.

Completing any Free Roam Mission this week in Red Dead Online will earn you twice the usual XP. Any Free Roam Event will also grant double XP until April 19.

Players will be able to take part in a bunch of competitive and cooperative challenges, including King of the Castle, Fool’s Gold, Cold Dead Hands, and more.

40 per cent Bonus RDO$ and XP Payouts in Free Roam Missions for Posses

Completing Free Roam Missions with the help of a Posse will grant an additional 40 per cent RDO$ and XP bonus on top of the usual 10 per cent Posse bonus.

Ranks = Prizes

Players who manage to climb the ranks between now and April 19 will, in addition to bragging rights gain:

  • The Bluewater Marsh Treasure Map - for one Rank 
  • The North Ridgewood Treasure Map and a free Ability Card - the reward for three Ranks.
  • Gain six Ranks and get the lake Isabella Treasure Map, two free Ability Cards, and RDO$150 

A Free For All 

Barbers are offering all of their services — hair, makeup, and cosmetic dentistry — at no cost, for the next seven days. You'll need to show off your new look somewhere so you might want to take advantage of the free Fast Travel this week.

Red Dead Online - A New Source of Employment

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Red Dead Online - A New Source of Employment - A One Horse Deal

Limited time items

  • Carbow double bandolier
  • Fernwater coat
  • Torranca coat (available in select colours)
  • Folwell hat
  • Griffith chaps (available in select colours)
  • Porter jacket


  • All Shotguns Repeaters and Gunbelts - 30 per cent off
  • All Pants Skirts and Boots - 30 per cent off
  • All Stable slots, Horse tonics, Horse food, war and Work Horse breeds - 40 per cent off
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