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Red Dead Online: Bounty Hunter season starts

Published: 21:46, 01 March 2022
Red Dead March starts Bounty Hunter season
Red Dead March starts Bounty Hunter season

The month of March brings triple payout on weekly features series, bounty hunter rewards, and free outfits in Red Dead Online

Doing bounty hunting is one of the most fun activities a player can do in both Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Online. So clean your weapons and get ready for the whole month of bounty hunting as that is the main theme of an upcoming month in Red Dead Online. 

For the new players, there is an offer of 5 gold bars to start the bounty hunter career. All hunters will be paid twice the money and XP on regular bounties as well as player bounties. Legendary and infamous bounties will be additionally profitable as they will be worth triple the usual price and XP.

Free honor reset and 150 revolver cartridges will be given to any licensed bounty hunter who logs in this month to play, while prestigious bounty hunters will also receive a free bounty clear. 

Rewards can be claimed within 72 hours in the Benefits menu.

Weekly rewards:

  • March 1–7: Complete 2 player Bounties this week to receive a discount for 30% off a Bounty Hunter Wagon.
  • March 8–14: Complete 5 Regular, Legendary, or Infamous Bounties to get a Treasure Map leading to a haul under West Hill Haven. Complete 10 Regular, Legendary, or Infamous Bounties to receive a Treasure Map.
  • March 15–21: Complete 5 Legendary Bounties to get a select colorway of Tied Pants.
  • March 22–28: Complete 5 Infamous Bounties and receive a select colorway of the Hopeman Vest.
  • March 29–April 4: Complete 15 Regular, Legendary, or Infamous Bounties to get 3 Gold Bars.

Completing any player bounty over the month will be rewarded with 5 special horse revivers, and completing a three-day bounty streak will give you 5 gold bars, and those players with a prestigious license will also receive 30% off a Prestigious Bounty Hunter Item.

Players can claim the parts to assemble a stylish and slick Bounty Hunter outfit for free. These outfits are inspired by the community and will be available until the of the month.

Free stylish Bounty hunter outfits available Free stylish Bounty hunter outfits available

Items available are the Bellerose Hat, Shotgun Coat, Everyday Shirt (male), Western Shirtwaist (female), Richfield Vest, Cuffed Town Pants, Military Half Chaps, and Cavalry Boots, along with select colorways of the Dress Tie and Leather Gloves. 

The Cardozo Vest and Calhoun Boots have returned to the pages of the Catalogue and shelves of local Tailors, but only for a limited time.

Free roam events like Manhunt and Day of Reckoning will be rewarded twice the usual amount.

More detailed info about the upcoming month in Red Dead Online can be found here .

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