PUBG Labs Winter Race explained - available vehicles, tracks and items

Published: 08:15, 15 December 2021
PUBG Labs - Winter Race
PUBG Labs - Winter Race

PUBG's Labs is now offering some wintery cheer in the form of a race track, complete with item boosts and five different arenas. Players are able to choose between five different vehicles.

PUBG's Labs is now home to the Winter Race mode wherein the survivors are tasked with choosing their preferred mode of transportation and launching into one of five available tracks to secure the dinner.

PUBG Labs - Race preparation

The two ingredients for a successful race are the driver and their wheels. The Winter Race offers up the following choices: Motorbike, Pickup, Coupe RB, Quad and Zima. Each set of wheels comes with its own weapon and set of equipment.

Available race tracks

There are five available race tracks that will be selected at random at the start of each race. The tracks and their features:

  1. Track one: A straight line track that goes from the starting to the finishing line.
  2. Track two: A circular track requiring players to finish 2 laps to complete the race.
  3. Track three: A square track requiring players to finish 2 laps to complete the race.
  4. Track four: A track requiring players to return to the starting line to complete the race.
  5. Track five: A frozen straight-line track with a starting and a finish line.

Krafton PUBG Labs - Winter Race: the available tracks PUBG Labs - Winter Race: the available tracks


Players will have to ding a couple of checkpoints during their race. Fail to return to the track for a set amount of time and you'll be respawned at your most recent checkpoint.

Race Start

Once the countdown reaches zero, players will be spawned into their vehicles at the starting line. Players will not be able to move or attack the competition until the race officially starts, and everyone will be invincible for 10 seconds at the beginning of the match, as well as for five seconds after each respawn.

Item Crates

Item Crates peppered around the tracks will provide an array of weapons, items, and speed boosts. They will respawn shortly after being scooped up.

  • Ammo Crates
    • Blue ammo crates provide a specific amount of ammo for your equipped weapon.
  • Boost Crates
    • Red boost crates provide speed boosts and weapons for vehicles.
    • Speed boosts are usable with the Shift key.
    • Motorbikes will not be able to use speed boosts because of the balancing issues that would emerge.
  • Obtainable weapons for vehicles
    • The Pickup, Coupe RB, and Zima can equip weapons to inflict damage by colliding with other vehicles.
    • The Quad can equip protective gear to block damage from other vehicles or weapons.
    • Motorbikes will not be able to equip weapons.

Krafton PUBG Labs - WInter Race: item crates PUBG Labs - WInter Race: item crates

  • Throwables Crates
    • Purple boost crates provide various throwables.
    • Obtainable throwables: Grenades, smoke grenades, sticky bombs, spike traps.
  • Red Zone Crates
    • White crates will create a Red Zone lasting a few seconds in the next checkpoint the player currently in the first place is headed for.
    • Red Zone crates will spawn after the player running first place passes a checkpoint.
    • Red Zone crates will not respawn after being collected.
  • Weapon Crates
    • Yellow weapon crates provide ammo for the ice flare gun.
Crossing the finish line

The first player who successfully crosses the finish line will win the entire thing for themselves as well as their squad. The race will go on for 60 seconds after a winner has been declared.

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