Pentiment - Ferenc's Volvelle puzzle solution

Published: 08:19, 15 November 2022
Pentiment - The solution to Ferenc's Volvelle puzzle is "higerhard"
Pentiment - The solution to Ferenc's Volvelle puzzle is "higerhard"

Here is the final solution and some tips on how to complete Ferenc's Volvelle puzzle in Pentiment. 

Puzzles in Obsidian's latest title Pentiment are fairly simple but sometimes, it can take a while to get your head around some of them, and one such puzzle is the Volvelle that Prior Ferenc tries to hide in his office, just outside of the Scriptorium. 

The solution to the puzzle is "higerhard" as in Here lies Gerhard. The game won't allow you to simply type the solution with your keyboard so you'll have to find the exact letters on the Volvelle and then type them into the solution box.

If you're struggling with that, here's how you'll easily solve the puzzle.

Pentiment - How to solve Volvelle puzzle?

  1. Always set the element (fire, air, water, earth) first. To do this, simply look at the zodiac signs and the element group they belong to. Then set the element to be on the top side of the Volvelle, just under the arrow.
  2. Then, find the correct symbol on the Volvelle. (The game will automatically point at the right symbol if you got the previous two steps right).


Let's say we want to solve the first letter, which is H. First, we'll look at the zodiac symbol. For the first letter, the symbol is "Libra", which is under the Air element. We'll set the Air element active on the Volvelle by rotating until the Yellow colour is on top of the Volvelle. 

Then, we'll find the correct letter on the Volvelle and simply type it in the solution box. Easy peasy.

AltChar Still struggling? Here's a screenshot with instructions! Still struggling? Here's a screenshot with instructions!

And that's it! Hopefully, this guide helped you solve the puzzle. If not, you can send us a message on Twitter and we'll try our best to help you solve it. 


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