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Published: 09:18, 09 October 2021
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New World

Here is how to use the free server transfer token to transfer your character to a different server in Amazon's MMORPG New World.

The Character Transfer is yet to go live in New World due to some late issues which do not meet Amazon Games' standard for the release. 

Despite this, the developers have explained how players can transfer their characters to a different server. Here's a detailed guide with answers to some frequently asked questions so you know what to expect once the feature finally arrives to the game.

How to transfer your character to a different server in New World? 

  • Log into your character (which means waiting in any applicable queues)
  • Go to the in-game store and check out a new tab to claim the transfer token
  • Leave your Company
  • Remove any active Trading Post sell orders and buy orders
  • Your character needs to be located in a sanctuary (a settlement or outpost)

What comes with your character when you transfer?

  • You will get to keep character progression including level, weapon mastery, titles and more. 
  • You keep your Faction alliance and progress 
  • Inventory and storage items
  • All of your currency
  • Houses and housing decorations
  • Quest progress

What does not transfer?

  • Company membership which you terminate before the transfer
  • Active Trading post orders
  • Your friends list (specific to the world and does not transfer)

You will be able to move your character to any world in your region but there are some exceptions. You won't be able to transfer your character to a full world, a world in maintenance and a world where you have an existing character already.

New World's character transfer feature will be coming soon. We will update this guide when Amazon officially enable it in the coming days.

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