Lost Ark - Where to find Rovlen and how to kill it

Published: 06:52, 11 February 2022
Lost Ark - West Luterra
Lost Ark - West Luterra

Having trouble finding Rovlen in Lost Ark? We've got you covered. Here is how to find him, and basic information about his abilities to develop a rudimentary strategy.

Rovlen is a plant-like Boss Monster in Lost Ark. I can be found in the Bilbrin Forest, in West Luterra, the birthplace of the first King of Luterra, and the kingdom's very founder. It is a land of knights and chivalry, so slaying this beast is sure to bring honor to your name.

When entering the forest, start from the Greyhammer mine, and follow the first path to your right, then go upwards on the next fork. That is where you will find Rovlen, as the monster always spawns on the same spot.

Rovlen, while not a difficult opponent to take down, is an annoying one to fight. His tentacles are a nightmare to behold, which spawn from the seeds Rovlien disperses around itself during fights, to attack you. The most important thing is to dodge his two Area of Effect abilities.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Rovlen Exact Location Lost Ark - Rovlen's Exact Location

The first one is an ability whose hitbox is a straight line, which is easy to dodge, while the second one is a concentric ring around Rovlen which deals a massive knock-up Crowd Control effect to those caught in the attack. Both abilities are obviously telegraphed and take a while to charge up, so they can be dodged relatively easily.

As Rovlen is a plant-like monster, it cannot move from its spawn-point at all, which makes backing off from it even easier.

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