Lost Ark - What are Mokoko Seeds and what are they used for

Published: 07:21, 16 February 2022
Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an MMO with so much content, that it's only natural you will find yourself not knowing what certain things are. Today, we talk about Mokoko seeds.

Mokoko Seeds are a special form of currency in Lost Ark. While most of Lost Ark's currency takes on the form of what we consider valuable in the real world as well, such as precious metals, gems, and crystals, Mokoko seeds are a different breed.

This, collectible, currency appears in the form of a plant, that is described as giving off a certain, unique, smell. Likewise, the plant's seeds are then valuable. With there being more than one thousand of these scattered around Arkesia, you will inevitably find one. Once you've done that,  walk up to it, press and hold G until the bar is filled and then it will be added to your Collectibles inventory.

Upon collecting a certain amount of them, Mokoko Seeds can then be traded in Mokoko village, on Tortoyk Island, by speaking to the NPC called Totoma.

Mokoko Seeds can be traded for all kinds of rewards, some of which are:

  • Mokoko Charm,
  • Ship Model - Blooming Caravel,
  • Paradise’s Knight License,
  • Stat Increase Potion.

Smilegate Lost Ark
Lost Ark

Mokoko Seeds, as can be seen, are an in-game currency used for trading for high-level rewards, that cannot be acquired so easily otherwise, or not at all. It must be mentioned that you cannot find one location and farm the Mokoko Seeds from there, as Mokoko Seeds are a Lost Ark collectible, and must be recollected all over the map and throughout the storyline.

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