Lost Ark - What are Ghost Ships and where do they Spawn

Published: 06:57, 25 February 2022
Lost Ark
Lost Ark

There is no sailing in a fantasy world, without encountering a Ghost Ship. In Lost Ark, these come in the form of a weekly end-game raid, with some sweet rewards.

In Lost Ark, Ghost Ships are open raids where players from that specific server can join in and help defeat the Ghost Ship bosses. Due to the nature of the raid itself, players can join in the fight mid-battle or even late-battle though the boss needs to be taken down in the specified timer.

You can find Ghost Ships on the West side of the World Map. Upon opening it, they are depicted by ship icons, from the southernmost continent, all the way to the northernmost one. They spawn every week, on an established schedule which can be checked by clicking on the compass icon in your User Interface.

Each Ghost Ship has its own name, with a gear requirement needed to be able to participate in the raid and actually damage it:

  • Nightmare Ghost Ship: 460m
  • Shadow Ghost Ship: 960,
  • Tempest Ghost Ship: 1,370.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Sailing Lost Ark - Sailing

As they are an endgame raid, and one with such a long respawn timer, you can, likewise, expect to get valuable drops from them such as Guardian Stone Crystals. These are crystals of ore filled with Harmony Energy and are used for Honing armor. thus, the best strategy is to participate in these raids starting with the Nightmare Ghost Ship and use the drops to enhance your own gear score.

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