Lost Ark - Introduction to Abyss Dungeons

Published: 08:13, 22 February 2022
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Lost Ark

After you've gained some experience with the Chaos dungeons and Guardian Raids, it's time for Abyss Dungeons. But what are they exactly, and is the difficulty spike that large?

Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark are content intended for four players. Unlike Chaos Dungeons which can be completed solo, these dungeons must be done in a group, purely because of their difficulty.

Compared to Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids, Abyss Dungeons can only be done once a week by each character. They offer a cinematic experience as well as incredibly mechanically intense gameplay. You cannot enter Abyss Dungeons without preparations and expect to win.

The closest approximation of Abyss Dungeons to content in any other MMO would be actual raids. If even one member of the team does not know what they are doing, you will experience a party wipe. So don't expect to be able to learn along the way, as there is no stat checking or face tanking the boss monsters in these dungeons, which are their main content.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Boss Battle Lost Ark - Boss Battle

The rewards from Abyss dungeons are well worth it though. Abyss Dungeons rewards are:

  • Upgrade materials,
  • Engraving books,
  • Gear set crafting materials,
  • Gold.

You will be offered to pay gold, which you've earned from clearing the dungeon, to get some additional rewards. If you're trying to grind out a specific gear set from that dungeon, this is well worth it, to save up on time.

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