Lost Ark - How to get a free Mount and Pet

Published: 06:46, 15 February 2022
Lost Ark

Mounts and Pets are inseparable from any MMO you can play, and it's no different in Lost Ark. Here is how you get each of the two for free, with no extra effort on your part.

Mounts in Lost Ark are categorized as items that are used for traveling from one location to another. They cannot be traded, dismantled, or destroyed in any way, shape, or form. Unlike Pets, Lost Ark mounts give no combat advantages.

The way to get your free mount is simple. Complete the "Town Where Light Lingers" quest, in the first major city in your playthrough, and speak to the NPC called Brother Alfael. THere you will be offered the choice of three mounts to choose from:

  • Dyorika Brown Horse,
  • Loghill Black Horse,
  • Yudia White Horse.

The difference between these is purely cosmetic, as none of them have any abilities. Mounts are, as previously stated, only used for traveling. We advise you not to spend additional money on them, and if you're in the mood for spending, save your cash for the Pets. After all, Mounts can't even be used in instanced dungeons, at all, with all of them being land-locked and unable to fly even.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Mount Lost Ark - Mount

Unlike Mounts, Pets in Lost Ark give significant combat advantages. However, you are not to worry. in order to make the game balanced and not pay-to-win, every player is awarded a free, purple-quality Epic-rank, pet after completing the "Learning about Pets" quest in Prideholme, which means that it automatically comes with some stat boosts for your character.

The most important aspect of pets is their auto-loot function. As Lost Ark has a lot of grinding in it, with hordes of enemies, manually picking up loot is exhausting, so make sure you never dismiss your pet before a battle, no matter how much you think a cute rabbit has no place on the battlefield.

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