Lost Ark - Beginner Introduction to Engravings

Published: 06:04, 25 February 2022
Lost Ark - Classes
Lost Ark - Classes

In Lost Ark, Engravings are one of the core mechanics of both the game, as well as any character in it. Here is an explanation of how the system works. 

Engravings in Lost Ark are special effects that can be found on Accessories and Ability Stones, and they work on a point-based system. Engravings can be divided into two categories:

  • Normal Engravings,
  • Negative Engravings.

While the Normal Engravings buff character stats, as can be expected, the Negative Engravings nerf stats such as attack speed, power, or movement speed.

These are used to balance out the Normal Engravings and their effect, especially when Epic-rank equipment or above is concerned.

Your character is limited by the number of points, when it comes to the number of engravings you can have, so choose wisely. Of course, you will be notified when you have too many points crammed into a single engraving by the game's User Interface, allowing you to optimize and move them around a bit more, which improves some quality of life.

Smilegate The Sorceress will have three types of elemental attacks Lost Ark - Sorceress

Engravings are one of the most important systems in defining your character’s strength. You should first check to see if your class and build requires Class Engraving. There are several sources of Engraving Selection Pouches that you can go after. It's recommended that through T1 and T2, you try to pursue one Lv. 3 engraving and your class engraving at least at level 1.

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