League of Legends - How to beat Senna in lane

Published: 06:20, 19 February 2022
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League of Legends champion Senna true damage skin splash art
Senna - True damage

Senna has been getting some incremental buffs recently that have all added up to make her one of the strongest supports in the game. Here is how to beat her.

Senna is an enchanter marksman hybrid support in League of Legends, one that can be allies invisible, heal them, shield them, root enemies, all the while doing as much damage as their ADC. Very often from a further range than your ADC as well. So, how do you beat Senna support?

The answer lies in the early laning phase. Senna is extremely weak early game, with not enough healing and damage for her ADC and her to pose a threat to yourself and your duo laner, no matter if you're an ADC or the support.

As a support, the way to beat Senna is by taking an engage support and playing as aggressively as possible. This will either get your ADC some early kills, or push the enemy under the tower for some early roams.

If you're the ADC, champions such as Draven and Lucian are your best bet. That is, those with high early game damage. Like this, you can win an all-in whether you have an engage support or an enchanter.

Riot Games League of Legends - Lucian League of Legends - Lucian

For mid-laners and junglers, acting towards Senna as if she were Nasus is the best bet, meaning that ganking is paramount. With her build now incorporating First Strike, she is stacking three times the gold and gets her first power spike extremely quickly.

As for top laners, the only option you have is to pray that the rest of your team does the job, with the teleport nerfs making you unable to make plays bot lane, and doesn't allow Senna to be another champion on the enemy team capable of melting you.

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