How to win duels in King Arthur: Knight's Tale easily

Published: 12:35, 27 April 2022
King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Sir Tegyr
King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Sir Tegyr

Duels in King Arthur: Knight's Tale can hold lucrative rewards but pose great risks to your party. Here is an easy trick how to eliminate the risks and walk away victorius.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale sometimes offers pretty good rewards for taking enemies up on their offer to duel them, ranging from the opportunity to recruit more heroes for your round table to awesome loot and secrets. 

However, the price can be steep as it can lead to your own party member losing HP and armour mid-mission or worse - they can lose Vitality and get injured. Thankfully, there is a way to bypass these problems entirely and the opportunity to do so presents itself fairly early into the game.

Preparing the cheese

The trick is to use your Vanguards for duelling. They can exploit the AI's inability to detect a hidden character properly. As such, you can keep getting free opportunities and overwatch attacks, without being attacked yourself even once.

NeocoreGames King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Sir Balin is the first Vanguard you have the opportunity to recruit King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Sir Balin is the first Vanguard you have the opportunity to recruit

First, your Vanguard needs two key abilities - Hide and Jump. Even without upgrades, these skills are enough to get you through a duel mostly unharmed but I would highly suggest you upgrade Hide to do 50 per cent more damage on surprise attacks (when you just get revealed). 

It is absolutely crucial to upgrade Jump to reduce its cooldown as soon as possible. Additionally, AP reduction and the range increase upgrades are also highly useful.

As for equipment, use everything that gives you additional damage to surprise attacks and backstabs. This will build your Vanguard into a one-shot machine that will be extremely useful in regular combat as well. Additionally, make sure you have a piece of equipment that reduces the stealth detection range by one square.

Executing the cheese

If you're facing a melee opponent, use Hide and set up Overwatch on the first turn of the duel. If you're hidden, the AI knows where you are but can't attack you if it expends all its AP beforehand. By the time the enemy reaches you, they will run out of AP to attack you while taking damage from overwatch and opportunity attacks.

Check the opponent's Action Point total by hovering the mouse over them to figure out how many squares they can move without being able to attack at the end of the run. 

If they have seven AP, for example, and wield a two-handed weapon, they can only move three squares since an attack costs four AP. In that case, use Jump to get out of their range without triggering an opportunity attack, landing at the very least four squares away from the enemy. Then hide, set up Overwatch and wait for them to approach again.

NeocoreGames King Arthur: Knight's Tale Tristan is garbage. Use Balin instead, even if his morality and faith don't align with yours. Sir Tegyr will come to replace him soon enough

That's basically it, rinse and repeat until you win the duel. Just make sure you remember the enemy can also save AP if they don't spend it all at the end of their turn.

In case an enemy has ranged capabilities, you might need to close the gap. Use regular movement to do this and before you attack, make sure you have enough AP to jump away and Hide.

Repeating these processes will keep your characters safe from harm while providing all the optional rewards you can reap.g

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