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King Arthur: Knight's Tale balance update kicks Vanguards in the shins

Published: 13:22, 25 June 2022
King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Sir Tegyr
King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Sir Tegyr

Vanguard was excelling when it comes to taking down enemies in King Arthur: Knight's Tale but this will likely not be the case anymore since all they offered was nerfed pretty heavily.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale has had some imbalanced builds so far, most notably the Champions that could wipe out an entire encounter on the first turn, but the biggest damage dealers after that were certainly Vanguards.

These stealthy dual-wielders could hop around and even one-shot sturdy targets like the Fomorians before a series of nerfs hit their mobility and now their damage output as well.

With the latest patch, Vanguard bonuses for backstabbing and surprise attacks have been severely reduced. Surprise damage bonus has gone down to 30 per cent and surprise damage while Hidden is now down to 20 per cent, down from 50 per cent each. Additionally, backstab bonus has been halved to 15 per cent and backstab from ambush now provides a 15 per cent bonus, down from 20 per cent.

On the flip side, Sprint received a buff so it makes the character enter the Hidden state if they stand on a tile that is eligible for stealth. You know, the tiles where your already stealthed character wouldn't be revealed if they walked into it.

Overall, this makes the squishy melee characters much less useful, possibly in an attempt to make people use the traps more.

NeocoreGames King Arthur: Knight's Tale Champions technically deal less damage than Vanguards but they can still snowball easily and have a selection of AoE abilities


While that's unlikely to happen, other DPS classes will likely start shining now.

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