Hogwarts Legacy killing curse: How to unlock Avada Kedavra?

Published: 21:00, 06 February 2023
Avada Kedavra is the most powerful curse in Hogwarts Legacy
Avada Kedavra is the most powerful curse in Hogwarts Legacy

Here is how to unlock Avada Kedavra, the most powerful spell in Hogwarts Legacy, which instantly kills any enemy, regardless of their level or size.

Hogwarts Legacy has over twenty spells including some powerful but forbidden dark magic curses . You can learn a total of three curses in Hogwarts Legacy including Avada Kedavra, the most powerful spell in the game, which basically insta kills every enemy, regardless of their size or level. 

You won't get to unlock Avada Kedavra until very late in the game, since the entire story would probably become meaningless if you get your hands on this one early on. 

So, how to actually unlock Avada Kedavra? Read below for a detailed description.

How to get Avada Kedavra curse?

To unlock Avada Kedavra you must complete Sebastian Sallow's relationship questline. It's a fairly long one, starting at the very beginning of the game and running until the very end of the main story. Sebastian is on a quest to find a cure for his sick sister and you'll be helping him find it. Once the questline reaches the end, you can ask Sebastian to teach you this last curse you need to know. 

Sebastian will also teach you the other two curses as he's quite versatile with dark magic. No wonder he's a Slytherin guy. 

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy - Avada Kedavra curse Hogwarts Legacy - Avada Kedavra curse

So there you have it, that's how you unlock Avada Kedavra. I have to admit that it's a very fun spell to use, but it does take some time to cool down, which is understandable. Generally speaking, dark magic is the ultimate fun in Hogwarts Legacy and I wish we had more such curses.


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