GTA Online bonuses and discounts this week - November 18-25, 2021

Published: 12:47, 18 November 2021
GTA Online - Dominator GTT
GTA Online - Dominator GTT

GTA Online's latest podium vehicle is Pegassi Zorrusso. Log in bonus is a free Weekend Racer Livery for Banshee and there's a free Bugstars Burrito van out there as well.

GTA Online has some fresh bonuses and discounts after last week's throwback to Doomsday Heist. The latest vehicle to be displayed at The Diamond Resort and Casino's storied podium is the civilian supercar Pegassi Zorrusso. Diamonds are now live as Casino Loot.

The Prize Ride of the week is the Vapid Dominator GTT. Players who log in this week (November 18-25) will get a free Weekend Racer Livery for Banshee. Speaking of free, look around southern San Andreas for a complimentary Bugstars Burrito van. Sprint Races offer a double Reputation Bonus this week. 

Prize Ride: Dominator GTT.  Finish first in Car Meet Races for three days in a row to drive away in the muscle car.

Podium vehicle: Zorrusso.

Triple GTA$ and RP: Diamond Adversary Modes.

Rockstar GTA Online - Zorrusso GTA Online - Zorrusso

Double GTA$ and RP:

  • Casino Story Missions
  • Casino Freemode Missions
  • Drop Zone Adversary Mode

Test Track vehicles

  • Vectre
  • Jester RR
  • Growler


  • Casino Penthouse - 35 per cent off 
  • Renovations- 35 per cent off 
  • Casino Clothing - 40 per cent off 
  • Everon ($885,000 - $663,750) - 40 per cent off
  • Paragon ($543,000) - 40 per cent off
  • PR4 ($2,109,000) - 40 per cent off
  • RC Tank ($1,365,000) - 40 per cent off
  • Rampant Rocket ($555,000) - 40 per cent off
  • S80RR ($1,545,000) - 40 per cent off
  •  Vagrant ($1,328,400 - $996,300) - 40 per cent off
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