Full list of GTA Online The Contract vehicles, including drip feed

Published: 14:42, 17 December 2021
Updated: 14:43, 17 December 2021
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GTA Online - Reever
GTA Online - Reever

GTA Online's most recent update is adding a total of 15 purchasable vehicles to the game, with more than half of them being introduced through the drip-feed method.

Dr Dre popped up with some fancy cars in The Contract update for GTA Online but we've only seen less than half of all the vehicles that are added by this update. A total of 15 purchasable vehicles are coming our way, with seven being available immediately while the rest will be added through their themed event weeks.

Cars that became available immediately with the update are:

  1. Astron - $1.58m
  2. Buffalo STX - $2.15m with $1,612,500 trade price
  3. Champion - $2,995,000 with $2,246,250 trade price
  4. Cinquemila - $1.74m
  5. Deity - $1.845m with $1,383,750 trade price
  6. Ignus - $2.765m
  7. Jubilee - $1.65m with $1.237m trade price

Cars that have the trade price are eligible for Imani modifications, such as the lock-on protection .

There is a total of seven vehicles that will come out as drip-fed content:

  1. Baller ST - $890,000 trade price
  2. Comet S2 Cabrio - $1.797m
  3. Granger 3600 LX - $1.38m with ~1m trade price
  4. I-Wagen - $1.7m
  5. Patriot Mil-Spec - $1.71m with $1.3m trade price
  6. Reever - $1.9m
  7. Shinobi - $2,480,500
  8. Zeno - $2.82m

Similar to the cars that have been released initially, Imani will be able to provide her RC and anti-lock-on mods for the cars that are eligible for the trade price.

One interesting bit of trivia concerns the Reever bike, which is based on the real-life ARCH 143. ARCH Motorcycle was co-founded by Keanu Reeves, which is where the name for the GTA knock-off comes from.

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