FIFA 21 Next-gen: How to fix performance issues on PlayStation 5

Published: 14:37, 06 January 2021
FIFA 21 Next-Gen opening cinematic will give you goosebumps
FIFA 21 Next-Gen opening cinematic will give you goosebumps

FIFA 21 does not exactly run brilliantly on PlayStation 5 with the default settings. Getting the optimal performance for EA's football mammoth requires some mild tinkering with the controller settings, and this guide will show you how to do it.

FIFA 21 next-gen edition has been out for just over a month now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The upgraded version of the game boasts improved visuals and strikingly fast loading times, among some other neat little things.

Our next-gen platform of choice for EA's footy title is the PS5, mostly because of the excellent DualSense and its wonderful haptic feedback capabilities.

We have been enjoying our FIFA experience on Sony's new flagship for the most part - the attention to detail in the game is indeed amazing, especially given the fact that this is the first iteration of next-gen FIFA, so things can only get better from here on out, but there is this one glaring flaw that's been putting a rather ugly damp on an otherwise fantastic experience.

Namely, the game suffers from major framerate drops on the PS5, to the point where it downright freezes for a brief second. Most of the time, this occurs when players crash or even just bump into each other, or when you strike the ball with force, like for example with a volley or any other powerful shot.

Luckily however, this issue can be easily fixed by going into the in-game controller settings. The only thing you have to do is turn off the vibration feedback. The default setting sets it to Enhanced, which does provide a thrilling sense of immersion as the vibrations make excellent use of the DualSense, but unfortunately, due to the current state of things, it needs to be set to Off.

EA Controller Settings screen in FIFA 21 Switch off the User Vibration Feedback on the Controller Settings screen.

Turning off the vibrations will fix the game's performance issues, but the trade-off is that you will lose out on most of the next-gen feel of the game. We say "most" because the DualSense adaptive triggers will still very much let you know when a player on your team is low on stamina, so it's not all completely grim.

Now, of course, this workaround is by no means ideal given that you have to actually disable certain features of the game in order to get it to run stutter-free, so we sincerely hope that EA put out an official patch that will rectify this issue once and for all, without any compromise whatsoever.

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