FIFA 21 Pro clubs - custom tactics guide that will help your team win

Published: 08:38, 03 December 2020
FIFA 21 Pro Clubs custom tactics guide by AltChar
FIFA 21 Pro Clubs - custom tactics guide

Here are a couple of custom tactics tweaks that will make your AI teammates play better defense in FIFA 21 Pro clubs. Feel free to experiment more with these settings, until you tweak them just right.

The FIFA Pro Clubs mode has been unjustifiably neglected for a long time by many, but for good old co-op fun, you won’t find a better mode in FIFA or hardly any other sports game.

The mode in which you can play with up to 10 of your friends online against the other team and fight for that one point that takes you to the next division is full of good fun, laughter, but also moments that make you pull your hair out. These moments are usually the result of a mistake made by your CPU AI teammate.

Thankfully, in FIFA 21 Pro Clubs you can customize your club's tactics which can make a huge impact on your overall gameplay and result. 

To prevent your CPU teammates from costing you valuable points, fire up your FIFA 21, start Pro Clubs, and go to Club tactics in your club's management screen:

AltChar FIFA 21 Pro clubs FIFA 21 Pro clubs custom tactics guide pt.1

For formation, we recommend 5-2-1-2. It proved to be very successful, especially if you play with only a few friends and need a solid defense behind. The formation is very good for three players, with two STs up front, and one CAM behind them:

AltChar FIFA 21 pro clubs formations screen FIFA 21 Pro clubs custom tactics guide pt.2

Then, switch to the Instructions screen. Set your LB's and RB's attacking runs to Stay back when attacking. Left and right CM, also Stay back when attacking, as well as CDM. This is very important, as you will prevent CPU teammates from rushing forward, which the opponent will surely take advantage of with one long ball forward for fast attackers:

AltChar FIFA 21 Pro clubs player's instructions screen FIFA 21 Pro clubs custom tactics guide pt.3

Now, let's adjust gameplay tactics. We advise setting Balanced for both Defensive and Attacking tactics if you want your AI teammates to stick to their position. Set the depth to four bars, corners, and free-kicks to two, and leave everything else as it is: 

AltChar FIFA 21 Pro clubs Defensive tactics screen FIFA 21 Pro clubs custom tactics guide pt.4

That's it. One important note: do not switch between Ultra defending and Ultra attacking in the match, as you'll completely change the formation and override your custom tactics if the Game plans aren't set correctly. You can do that by pressing L2/LR in the formation screen which will let you customize Game plans, so you can have complete control over your club's gameplan. 

You'll find out that playing on Balanced works very well.. except when the game just wants to punish you, but that's nothing unusual for the FIFA game.

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