Escape from Tarkov: Where to find bosses on Customs

Published: 14:20, 22 June 2022
Updated: 14:23, 22 June 2022
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Customs map with boss spawns
Customs map with boss spawns

As all the bosses are currently on Customs, here are the locations where you can find them.

Earlier today, an event featuring all the bosses on Customs started. The spawn rate for each boss is 100%, and most of them have cavalry behind them. Here are the spawn locations for each boss if you're planning on hunting them.

Starting with the left side of the map, Killa and Tagilla are spawning in the Red building area and can be encountered as far as the Trailer park area. They're the only bosses without guards, so if this is your first wipe and you want to have a go at the bosses, try attacking these two first. Avoid coming close to Tagilla as he is strongest in close combat as he was made primarily for the Factory.

Shturman, who usually resides in Woods, is spawning in the area separating two sides of the map, on the river banks, the bridge, and the road right next to it. Shturman will have up to two guards with him. Avoid having a long-range battle with Shturman, as both he and his followers are equipped with long-range weapons and are quite accurate.

Battlestate Games Kill Take out Killa to loot his mask

Glukhar, the Reserve boss, is spawning between the new construction and the fort/stronghold. He will be heavily guarded by six guards. He is very hostile and will be deadly in open-air combat. Usually, the best strategy to kill him is by getting close to him, which is a bit tricky around the fort where he spawns.

Reshala is spawning in the dorms exclusively now, as he is primarily a Customs boss and can spawn on multiple locations usually. He will have up to three guards with him. As his followers stick very closely to him, a good tactic would be spamming the dorms with grenades.

Sanitar is spawning in the Shipping area, Warehouse 4, and Old gas station. He will be accompanied by two guards. He and the guards have several means of healing, so if you're attacking them, make sure you kill them off as quickly as possible, as a prolonged battle will allow them to heal over and over again.

If you're interested in the entire change log, visit the official Tarkov changes website here.

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