Best farming locations for hemp and fiber in New World

Published: 23:22, 25 October 2021
New World - Hemp
New World - Hemp

New World requires a ton of farming for fibers if you are crafting light armour or levelling the associated trade skill so here are a few tips that might help you on the grindy road.

New World has a holy trinity of the most used materials, consisting of iron, rawhide and fiber. The last on the list is derived from hemp plants which can be found virtually everywhere but you will need a huge concentration of them in a single spot in order to farm up enough for the armouring needs so here are a few locations that might help you along the road.


This is easily the most popular part of the map for farming hemp because you can find the plants basically right out of the city gates. Whether you go north or west, you will come across places where hemp spawns but they are well-known to the community, meaning you are likely to run into other players farming the same resource.

New World - Hemp hotspots in Windsward are marked by the red circles New World - Hemp hotspots in Windsward are marked by the red circles

Due to the aforementioned popularity, it's recommended to farm this place only during the low population hours on your server, in order to avoid other players picking up the goodies.

Restless Shore

Hemp hotspot in Restless Shore is much further away from the city, meaning you will not run into many other players farming the same place. It also has a lot of nodes that spawn in a relatively small area so you will not have any problems stuffing your bags with all the fiber you can carry.

As a bonus, there are several Silkweed nodes here so if you have over 100 in Gathering, you will be able to pick these up too. Furthermore, the NPCs in the area are not hostile so you won't be distracted from gathering materials, making it my favourite place in the game.

Amazon Restless Shore hemp hotspots Restless Shore hemp hotspots

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