The Division 2 Nemesis weapon may be even more powerful than M700

Picture of the Nemesis sniper rifle in The Division 2
The Division 2 - Nemesis

The Division 2 is getting a new batch of endgame content on 05 April 2019, including the Tidal Basin stronghold held by Black Tusk. It is possible this will be where we get Nemesis, the Exotic marksman rifle that is more powerful than M700.

Update 17 April 2019: The damage has been altered in a patch and the weapon can apparently outdamage TAC-50 signature marksman rifle. The original article is as follows.

Model 700 is currently the most powerful marksman rifle in The Division 2 when it comes to damage per bullet, which led to the one-shot sniper build that many people are using in PvP nowadays. Some of this stands to change if Nemesis makes an appearance in Tidal Basin.

Nemesis will be an AWP marksman rifle but it wasn't exactly introduced to The Division 2 yet. The picture of it comes from a leaked image of a person who managed to get into the Shooting Range in Base of Operations during a beta event, while the information about Nemesis' performance comes from the dataminers' spreadsheet.

According to the spreadsheet, Nemesis will boast a staggering 126,039 damage, which is a massive 29.4 per cent increase over the portable cannon that is Model 700 which stands at 97,394 damage. The latter obviously stands head and shoulders above the rest of the competition already which is why everyone uses this specific rifle for popping other agents in one shot and Nemesis stands to put it to shame with 28,645 more damage.

Still, the new Exotic will be held back by the lack of ability to modify it. This particular AWM will come with that monster-sized scope that will be x12 at the very least and the weapon's robust size suggests it might suffer from stability issues, limiting its potential in PvP. 

UbisoftPicture of the Nemesis sniper rifle in The Division 2Model 700 may be dethroned as the hardest hitting weapon but might still be widely used in PvP, even after Nemesis arrives.

If our guess turns out to be correct, it will hit like a truck but you will need an organised team where three people would move in front of you to keep any enemies occupied while you line up the shot. Considering the chaotic nature of The Division 2 PvP, players might still stick with Model 700 since they can use sights that don't force them into first person.

Keep in mind this mostly speculation for the moment since neither Ubisoft nor Massive Entertainment officially confirmed Nemesis would come with this update, but it is still highly likely as it is one of the only two weapons missing from the Exotic wall so far.