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Epic Games' Fortnite now has 200 million registered players

Epic Games
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The most popular game in the world has hit another major milestone. Fortnite now has 200 million registered users which is a 60 per cent increase from the last registered total of 125 million which Epic Games revealed back in June 2018.

Fortnite is continuing the world domination with another huge number which comes just a week after winning the Golden Joystick Game of the Year award. Epic's battle-royale has reached 200 million registered players on all platforms.

To put things in perspective, 200 million is the population of Brazil, or just imagine that everyone in the UK owned a copy for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If Fortnite was a country, it would be the sixth largest, just behind Pakistan.

Fortnite had "only" 40 million registered users in January 2018. The game continued its rapid rise in June when the registered players total hit 125 million and it doesn't come as a surprise that the number is 60 per cent up since then, given the game is free to play and available on almost every platform.

It also helps that Fortnite emotes are being widely used in tv shows, music videos and as celebrations in sports. It's also the most streamed and viewed game on Twitch with 163,793 average daily views.

Of course, the active players total is much lower than 200 million and back in August 2018, Fortnite reached its biggest month with 78.3 million players after the release on Android devices.

Recently, Epic revealed that more than 8.3 million players have been playing the game simultaneously which means more people played Fortnite at that point than the sum total of every game on Steam combined.

Now, It's all about increasing these numbers for Epic. Fortnite is in better shape than ever and it's the biggest game in the world as the numbers suggest. Whether this achievement is a ceiling for popular battle royale or just another step to next big milestone remains to be seen.

Epic Gamespicture showing players in fortnite runing towards dropFortnite

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