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You can mute the annoying goose sounds in New World

Published: 12:26, 25 November 2021
New World
New World

New World has a problem with people placing geese in their houses that inevitably annoy everyone around. Thankfully, this problem can be circumvented.

New World has a series of problems that are pushing players away on a daily basis but they are mostly caused by bugs or bad balance. However, players found a way to grief others without even turning PvP on or tampering with the trading post. They simply pimp out their house to make sure it's the one displayed to the public and then place a goose in the yard.

The result is a creature that constantly annoys any passers-by as it keeps honking our nerves away. In the worst-case scenarios, these feathery spawns of hell are placed close to the trading post and people have to listen to them while browsing the shop. Thankfully, we can make the cursed bird stop making noises through the settings menu.

Simply navigate to the Audio settings and look for the Vocals Volume slider. Drag it all the way to the left and you never have to hear the avian menace again.

Some side effects will follow but they are well worth it as you will get to keep your sanity. You will no longer hear the voiced dialogue on the quest givers that have it and the shouts while casting the spells will be gone too.

The latter may not be something players want to part with, in case they are identifying healers or their spell casts by the sounds but most of us will gladly pay the price, just to have some peace and quiet.

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