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Xbox takes a slight dig at PlayStation after PS Plus revamp

Published: 10:56, 30 March 2022
Sony revealed new PlayStation Plus tiers to compete with Game Pass
Sony revealed new PlayStation Plus tiers to compete with Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus have been the major talking point among gamers yesterday when Sony officially revealed the revamped PS Plus service. 

Sony have rebranded their PlayStation Plus subscription service to offer new tiers at different price points . Rumours suggested that PlayStation Spartacus would be a true Xbox Game Pass competitor but it seems that Sony are not quite going in that direction since their first-party games will not be launching on the service on day one.

This is basically the biggest difference when compared to Xbox Game Pass, which gives players access to all Xbox Game Studios games on day one, without additional fees.

Many gamers, game devs and analysts pointed this out, saying that PlayStation Plus probably will never have the value of Game Pass without the day-one releases.

Even the official Xbox accounts and Xbox employees tried to take a slight dig at PlayStation over on Twitter. The official Xbox Game Pass account mentioned their love for "options", saying how they can play brand new games on day one.

"We love options! Play brand new games on DAY ONE Blockbusters and indies Xbox Game Studios, EA Play, ID@Xbox & more," Xbox Game Pass account tweeted.

Twitter Xbox Game Pass account tweet Xbox Game Pass account tweet

Head of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg quoted the tweet and added how he loves the value Xbox game Pass provides to all the subscribers.

"Love the value we give our fans to play all of our 1st party games on console and PC at launch!," Greenberg tweeted. 

Smart or unnecessary? We would go for the former. It's was a perfect opportunity to highlight the advantages of Xbox Game Pass over the new PlayStation Plus and Xbox have done just that. For their sake, we hope it doesn't come back to haunt them when Sony reveal the full library of PS Plus games.

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