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Xbox Series X needs no resolution-FPS compromise, Call of the Sea dev says

Published: 10:14, 29 June 2020
Out of the Blue
A forest scene from Call of the Sea
Call of the Sea, quite a magical scene, no?

As console fans continue to debate whether next-gen consoles deserve to be called progress, Call of the Sea developer chimed in and gave them at least one good reason to.

Quite a few users and potential customers expressed what can only be described as disappointment over next-gen consoles, purely on the basis of not seeing the sort of tech leap we've seen in generations past. 

Both Microsoft and Sony ended up explaining that the added horsepower on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 is used to improve the existing capabilities, but that's a bit vague and certainly doesn't produce the wow-factor that normally comes with next-gen games. 

Call of the Sea developer Out of the Blue, however, phrased in a manner that's more likely to speak to gamers everywhere. "The power of this new hardware allows us to not have to make compromises between frame rate and resolution. We can finally offer the best of the two worlds", they told Gamespot. 

Indeed, just about any flashier current-gen console game imposes this onto users - you can either have 4K or 60FPS, but rarely, if ever, both. That said, Xbox Series X and PS5 may not completely eradicate this, but they'll sure make a giant step in that direction. 

When it comes to Call of the Sea, however, there will be no need to pick what you prefer, as the game will run full throttle on Xbox Series X. 

Out of the Blue Seafarer's desk in Call of the Sea Call of the Sea, even desks look great!

"The power and performance of Xbox Series X will allow us to offer the game at beautiful 4K at 60fps, leveraging the rich game environments and making the art really shine", said the game's programmer, Manuel Fernandez.

You can find the full interview over at GameSpot

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