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Could a digital-only Xbox Series X be on the horizon?

Published: 09:12, 11 September 2020
Updated: 09:21, 11 September 2020
Consoles captured off-screen showing Xbox Series X, alleged Xbox Series V spotted, and a Xbox Series S white
Xbox Series V alleged image

One interesting picture appeared on the net, which aroused rumors about the so-called "Project Edinburgh": the digital-only Xbox Series X console, called Xbox Series V.

oSeveral users on Twitter shared an image (taken off-screen) featuring the Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series V.

There have already been rumors on the Internet that Microsoft is planning to launch another console, without an optical drive, just like Sony's PS5 Digital Edition.

We will not deal with the authenticity of the image itself. The picture may be fake, it may be the real thing, but what’s interesting is the very idea behind this.

Will Microsoft introduce its competitor to the PS5 DE someday and would that be a good move?

For $399 (if the PS5 DE is to be priced at $399, of course) you get the Xbox Series X, without the optical drive, which is more powerful than the PS5 console, at least on paper. 

There have been rumors for some time about the "Project Edinburgh", which could be a Series V console, without an optical drive, although in some cases it has been mentioned that it is slightly weaker than the Series X, but more powerful than Series S.

The Xbox Series S has been introduced as a Next-gen console, but according to Digital Foundry, we see that this is not exactly the case. Reportedly, only 7.5Gb of RAM is available for games (compared to Xbox One X's 9 gigs), it is not able to run Xbox One X version via backward compatibility, but only those from the weaker Xbox One S, etc.

AltChar Xbox Series X, Xbox Series V and Xbox Series S consoles Alleged image of Xbox Series V digital-only console

The Xbox Series V would be a real competitor in the mid-range (let's call it that) and Microsoft is ready to go below cost, given that through All-Access payment in installments, into which they packed the Game Pass, they earn more than with a one-time payment. There is also the already mentioned Game Pass, which will be a golden goose, as with the Sony PS Plus. 

Such leaks and rumors are not uncommon these days, as we have covered several of them, such as the PS5 release date , and the leak on Amazon Japan , so we should not look at every piece of information as authentic, however, sometimes it awakens our already wild imagination and we just let ourselves go with the flow.

Could "Project Edinburgh" be xCloud -only mini Xbox console?

Either way, we’ll get the new Xbox on November 10, and this September could be huge as everybody is anticipating that Sony will share the first official information regarding the launch date and prices for their next-gen machines.

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