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Xbox Series S won't hold back next-gen gaming, dev says

Published: 13:32, 11 September 2020
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XBOX Series S

TeamBlurGames Design Lead Gavin Stevens has offered his opinion on the recently announced Xbox Series S, a less powerful but cheaper next-gen console from Microsoft. He claims that Series S won't hold back next-gen game development in any way.

After months of leaks and rumours, Microsoft have officially announced Xbox Series S earlier this week. The smaller, less powerful and cheaper next-gen console will certainly be a great choice for those who don't see themselves spending $499 on Series S' big brother, Xbox Series X.

However, some argue that Microsoft are holding back the next-gen gaming with such product. Since Xbox Series S is a less powerful console, many assume that optimisation for such a piece of hardware could be a nightmare for game developers but according to TeamBlurGames Design Lead Gavin Stevens that won't be the case. 

In a lengthy thread over on Twitter, Stevens explained why Series S won't hold back next-gen gaming in any way. He explains that despite having less raw GPU power, the console is still packed with a ton of features that will help push games to the max.

"When you add in all the other areas of improvement that the XSX has, such as sampler feedback streaming, IO improvements, faster memory, ray tracing capability etc, the XSS eats the past gen X1X alive, and it really is no contest," he wrote in one of this tweets.

Furthermore, Stevens added that a lot of people simply forget the fact that 4K gaming is still extremely demanding and will eat every last bit of Xbox Series X power. As already confirmed Xbox Series S will target 1440p resolution, not 4K, which is something that the 4 teraflops GPU will probably handle without any issues. 

"4K rendering is expensive. It comes with a lot of trade-offs for decent perf and rarely do we get games on the current generation that are 4k/60. It’s a mammoth task in terms of raw GPU power and the games that push this are usually graphically simple in rendering," Stevens explained. 

"But a game that is targeting much lower resolution? Do the math. It requires MUCH less GPU power devoted to resolution alone. Of course, rendering at a lower resolution will also mean other visual effects are cheaper to render, too."

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All in all, we will have to wait till November 10, 2020, to find out just how powerful are these new consoles. It's safe to say that the performance lift will be massive but just how massive, well, it remains to be seen. 

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