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Xbox planning to acquire some existing IP, according to rumours

Published: 07:39, 04 June 2021
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Microsoft might be planning to acquire some existing franchises according to YouTuber ACG. Apparently, some of these acquisitions may get announced at the E3 show.

It's safe to say that Microsoft are still trying to acquire more studios and IPs despite their mega purchase of Bethesda, which was announced last year. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer even said that there are more surprises coming but for now, there are no announcements regarding acquisitions. 

That could change very soon, even at this year's E3 show, which is scheduled for next week. According to a well-known  YouTuber and industry insider Karak from ACG , Microsoft could have some acquisition announcements at this show.

He stated that he has heard Microsoft are looking to purchase a game franchise and that he is confident they will get some existing IPs, that may get announced at the show.

image of phil spencer and his famous shelf behind him Phil Spencer's shelf is perhaps hiding some surprises

Of course, this is far from the official confirmation so we suggest you take it with a grain of salt just like any other leak or rumour. 

That being said, ACG is a trusted source and it would not be surprising if the info he has is actually legit. Like we already said, Microsoft are certainly talking to studios about potential acquisitions all the time.

As for the potential IPs that Microsoft could get, our guess would be something Konami owned. The Japanese publisher have confirmed plans for outsourcing IP so it's possible Microsoft are one of the interesting parties. 

Hopefully, we'll get some confirmation on this one pretty soon. 

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