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Xbox One getting higher refresh rates, groups, video trimming

Published: 11:35, 21 April 2018
Black Xbox One console against a black bacground
Xbox One

In preparation for this year's E3, the gods of mount Microsoft have decided to bestow their consoles with higher refresh rates, so that the Great Unwashed can indulge in some proper 120Hz gaming once the update hits Xbox One in May.

Microsoft reminded that April updates brought about variable refresh rates, auto low latency mode and 1440p resolution but apparently, the team "aren't done just yet".

Microsoft Screenshot of Xbox One's upcoming feature Groups Xbox One Groups

Come May, Xbox One will boast additional panel refresh rates. Players will be able to choose between 60Hz and 120Hz on their consoles, which should be a godsend to players with 120Hz gaming displays.

The company are also adding groups, so that organisation of games and apps isn't as tedious a task. Xbox One owners will be able to use groups, where they can lump anything from the games and apps folder.

Microsoft Gif showing Xbox One screen where players choose refresh rates Xbox One refresh rate selector

The groups will sync across accounts as well but while it sounds incredibly convenient, Xbox One devs want more time to ensure it's done properly.

Apparently, the company will be rolling the groups out gradually within the Alpha ring, initially to just some of them. This is so as to "gauge interest and collect feedback", the devs said.

Having added a Twitch video sharing feature last month, Microsoft wants to further polish the concept by letting users trim their captured footage in the Guide, without having to switch to Upload Studio.

Microsoft Demonstration of Microsoft Xbox One's upcoming feature Trim Xbox One Trim feature

Microsoft claim to be modernising their Xbox Accessories App as well, although they didn't say much. Apparently, the team are going for easier navigation, so as to ensure consistency with Xbox One's dashboard.

Xbox One will also be getting more intuitive button commands, with View button on Home now used to reorder items and blocks inside Groups. The Guide's View button will be displaying additional capture options.

Microsoft Screenshot of upcoming changes in controls for Xbox One consoles Xbox One controls

The company will most likely be adding a slew of in-house as well as community-inspired tweaks along the way, but so far these are the highlighted features. Note however that Microsoft has big plans for E3, claiming the team is hard at work on a "bunch of new exciting features".

You can find the announcement on the .


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