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Xbox head Phil Spencer explains The Shelf

Published: 13:31, 15 July 2021
image of phil spencer and his famous shelf behind him
Phil Spencer already teased the deal with Kojima?

Phil Spencer has finally given us an explanation regarding his infamous shelf, which many Xbox fans see as a platform for teases of Xbox's upcoming announcements and more.

Phil Spencer's shelf has become a meme of some sort ever since Xbox head appeared in front of it for the first time last year. Xbox fans noticed that Spencer teased Xbox Series S reveal on his shelf and some other objects were also there like Kojima Production's Ludens statue, which fueled the recent speculation that Hideo Kojima is working with Microsoft on his brand new cloud-based game.

Anyway, speaking in the most recent episode of Kinda Funny podcast, Phil Spencer explained The Shelf, and whether it actually means anything. He said that there was zero thought on the shelf planning and what actually appears there. Spencer says that the shelf is just a collection of things from friends and people in the industry and that he is not trying to signal anything.

Check out Spencer's response from 00:26:35 in the video below:

Furthermore, he explained that the Switch console is a gift from Nintendo while the Sekiro copy is directly from Hidetaka Miyazaki and From Software, a studio that Spencer loves to visit every time he's in Japan. 

To be fair, this answer was somewhat expected since Spencer certainly would not confirm that he is using his shelf to tease partnerships and new announcements.

We certainly believe that there's more to the shelf than Spencer is willing to reveal so we'll keep an eye out for any shelf updates in future interviews.

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