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Xbox Game Pass: October 2019 games revealed

Published: 17:26, 01 October 2019
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Four new titles for Xbox Game Pass subscribers

Microsoft announced a new handful of titles for their subscription service Xbox Game Pass. Starting on 03 October, Dishonoured 2 is getting introduced to the library while World War Z and The Outer Worlds are coming later this month.

A new month means new games on Xbox Game Pass subscription service. October 2019 is no different and Microsoft have announced a fresh batch of games that are coming to Xbox Games Pass throughout the month of October and it's safe to say that these include some great releases from various genres.

Starting on Thursday, 03 October 2019, Arkane's acclaimed stealth action game Dishonored 2 will join the Game Pass lineup. In the following week, on 10 October 2019, two more titles will be joining the pack - the co-op zombie shooter World War Z and the retro-style 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee.

Furthermore, three more games are being added to Xbox Game Pass in the third week. On 17 October 2019, Felix the Reaper is joining the library the day it launches. The charming comedy game is joined by two backwards-compatible titles - Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas and Panzer Dragoon Orta.

And last but definitely not least, a big title is coming to all Xbox Game Pass owners later this month. It's another title from Obsidian Entertainment - their sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds. It's joining the library on both consoles and PC the day it launches - 25 October 2019.

Keep in mind that sometimes, Microsoft announce even more games through the month so this may not be the final lineup. 

Steam Dishonored Dishonored

So there you have it folks, a lot of great games are coming to Xbox Game Pass owners and if these are some of the titles you would like to play, you can find more details on Xbox Game Pass subscription on .

Xbox Game Pass additions for October 2019

October 3

  • Dishonored 2

October 10

  • World War Z
  • Yooka-Laylee

October 17

  • Felix the Reaper
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Panzer Dragoon Orta

October 25

  • The Outer Worlds (PC and console) 

The Outer Worlds, action RPG by Obsidian Entertainment

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The Outer Worlds

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