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Xbox Game Pass is getting Rainbow Six Siege apparently

Published: 10:56, 19 October 2020
Excerpt from a Rainbow Six Siege trailer showing the shield wielding operator Blitz in a dark area.
Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft's highly successful shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, is coming to Xbox Game Pass soon but the particulars still remain a mystery since all we got was a teaser.

Rainbow Six Siege is going strong even though it's got fewer players than at the peak which occurred during March and April 2020. Considering that's when all the lockdowns kicked in, it's not really surprising that the player surge happened or that it dwindled over time. In other words, the game is still scoring high on the most played list when it comes to titles on Steam and the numbers will likely get another surge soon.

Then again, it won't be Steam numbers that will go up since R6 Siege is coming to Xbox Game Pass and will presumably only need Ubisoft's launcher on PC. 

It was Xbox Game Pass' Twitter account that shared the teaser for this crossover. They simply posted an image of a medieval siege with an odd-looking rainbow over the castle. Upon closer inspection, you can clearly see it's actually six rainbows so it's pretty clear what the image represents.

No official announcement was made about the game joining Xbox Game Pass at the time of writing but the teaser is rather obvious unless Microsoft is trolling us at an epic level.

There is also the matter of Siege's many editions. It is highly likely Xbox Game Pass version will be one of the editions with few operators unlocked at the start and keep in mind that the weird way these are implemented can result in you having to get multiple editions, with no way to upgrade between them, should you decide to purchase the game later on.

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