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Netflix's Witcher TV series filming is wrapping up

Published: 09:34, 06 May 2019
picture showing Henry Cavill in The Witcher series
Henry Cavill as Geralt

It looks like the filming of Netflix's adaptation of the Witcher novel is coming to an end. According to the Redanian Intelligence website, the majority of cast and crew have wrapped up the work and left the filming location in Budapest.

A few weeks ago, we got the that Netflix's Witcher will release sometime in Q4 2019. Netflix's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said that a lot of new, exclusive shows will arrive to the world's biggest streaming platform in the last three months of 2019, including the adaptation of the novel series by Andrzej Sapkowski - The Witcher.

Today, we have some new details, suggesting that the filming on Netflix's Witcher is indeed going as planned and that it shouldn't be long before the series enter post-production. The hints come from the cast and filming crew who bid farewell to Budapest, which is the main filming location for the series.

Redanian Intelligence, a website dedicated The Witcher series collected these hints and judging by the messages from the crew and cast, they are “celebrating the wrap of another chunk" of the "epic journey”.

Director Charlotte Brandstrom, who spent some time in Budapest in the last couple of months, posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption "Goodbye Budapest", suggesting her work on the season one filming is pretty much done.

Adam Levy, the actor who plays Mousesack or Ermion also posted a photo stating that work with his character is wrapped and the same goes for Royce Pierreson who plays Istredd. "That’s a wrap for me on The Witcher, sad to be leaving everybody but so proud of what we’ve achieved," Pierreson wrote in his Instagram post.

Furthermore, some of the camera crew members are counting down the days until filming wraps. Redanian Intelligence state that according to some recent posts, the crew are finishing the filming sometime this month. 

Executive producer Tomasz Baginski and some of the actors including Anna Shaffer who plays Triss and Therica Wilson-Read who plays Sabrina still remain in Budapest for another month.

CD Projekt RED Geralt of Rivia holding a bunch of severed monster heads The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

All in all, it looks like half of the job is almost done and the first season is set for post-production that includes special effects, sound and much more. Hopefully, we also get to see the first teaser trailer in the near future.

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