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Witch It is leaving Early Access for a full Steam release

Published: 13:00, 09 September 2020
Barrel Roll Games
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Witch It

Developed by Barrel Roll Games, the Hide and Seek multiplayer game titled Witch It is leaving Early Access and getting a full Steam release. The game is currently on sale on Steam.

Witch It, a multiplayer Hide and Seek game developed by Barrel Roll Games, is leaving Early Access for a full release on Steam. 

The game will receive an extensive update on its launch date - October 22. Witch It has had around 750,000 witches and hunters play Hide and Seek since its Early Access launch in May 2017. The game is currently on sale on Steam until September 10.

Witch it pits players against each other in a game of Hide and Seek across 15 official and many more community-created maps. 

Witches in Witch It have the ability to mimic almost anything in the landscape in order to fool the hunters and stay alive. They can switch between different props at will, as well as perform different spells to confuse or scare their opponents.

The hunter has one job - track down all the witches for the sake of a peaceful town. They are equipped with a range of different tools and gadgets to help them with their task. The gadgets include (but are not limited to) a loyal chicken that scans for sneaky witches or a body slam skill that causes impact damage.

The five different play modes, include Hide & Seek, Mobification and Hunt a Hag.

Witch It's day one update will bring two brand new magical witch forest maps, a variety of decorative items for witches and hunters as well as a series of extra challenges. Additionally, both classes will receive a new unique ability. 

Witch It will officially launch on October 22 on PC via Steam .

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