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Is the new Need For Speed set in Las Vegas or Seattle?

Published: 14:35, 31 May 2017
Need for Speed

EA recently teased a new Need For Speed game. The tease came via Twitter and brought us a foggy photo. The photo depicts a city skyline, but which city? Now that's a question we're all trying to answer.

Las Vegas and Seattle? Neither? Or maybe we're off target completely, and we will soon get to burn some rubber on the streets of Beijing.

EA "got the party started" recently when they shared a photo on the Need For Speed twitter page. The teaser photo shows a city skyline, but its quite hard to make out anything at a first glance. Here, have a look:

Now, the word on the street is that the image shows the skyline of the city the next Need For Speed game will be set in. That seems like too big of a deal to be revealed right off the bat. But maybe it's not. Excuse me for a moment while I fiddle with the contrast scroller in my photo editor. Bear with me here. 

Once again, I proved my amazing skills know no bounds. Feast your eyes on the city you'll bully in your relentless pursuit of the top spot on the badass street-racer ladder. 

EA Need for Speed Need for Speed


Not much huh? Well I did the best I could with the material I was provided, OK? Lets see if we can make out what exactly EA wanted us to see here.

Well first off, there's a structure bearing a striking resemblance to the Space Needle in Seattle. I know how that building looks like because my family just loves watching Grey's Anatomy. Ahem. But don't you think that would be too obvious? Giving away the city in one photo? Not even that good of a photo I might add.

Seattle? Not likely, but hey, I've been wrong before.

Bachelorette (or bachelor?) number two: Las Vegas. I don't know about you, but the streets in that city are just right for some illegal drag racing. And the desert might offer a couple of fun options as well. Not to mention the fact that Las Vegas also has a Space Needle.

Las Vegas Space Needle Space Needle

Lastly, if we take the photo at face value, fog and all, it could easily be Beijing. You know, because of all the pollution. But then we'd pollute it even more with our NOS. Latest generation electric cars then?

Whatever the correct answer may be, we will know more when EA and Ghost Games take the stage at EA Play at E3. And that will go down from 13 until 15 June.

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