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What happened to Blue Protocol?

Published: 15:47, 27 January 2022
Bandai Namco
Blue Protocol screenshot showing gorgeous vista
Blue Protocol

Bandai Namco's promising MMO Blue Protocol seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth over the last year or so. 

Blue Protocol is still in development for the PC platform and should be launching in Asia in 2022 barring any hiccups during the development. The dev team might have been too quiet over the last several months but that's more due to the fact that they are working hard to bring this anime MMO to life this year. 

Yes, it's unusual that a game successfully hosts a closed beta test and then goes completely silent but game development is jam-packed with unforeseen delays and obstacles so it's entirely possible that Bandai Namco Japan have hit some hiccups that require more time than they initially expected.

Hopefully, we will get some sort of clarification regarding the development of Blue Protocol in the coming months but until that, we don't think there's any reason for worry. 

Bandai Namco Blue Protocol screenshot showing raid boss One of the raid bosses in Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol is yet to be confirmed for the western release. So far, it's been officially announced that the game will launch in Japan and other Asian countries. The devs said they are preparing a western version, though, that won't be coming anytime soon since the Asian release is a priority for the team. 

Blue Protocol will be coming exclusively to PC. The console and a potential mobile version of the game have not been officially announced. 

Blue Protocol is Bandai Namco's MMORPG

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Blue Protocol

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